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by  Woo
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Add Recaptcha or Honeypot to Follow Ups mailing list sign up shortcode to prevent spam sign ups

Right now, there is nothing that is preventing bots from spam signing up to a mailing list. There is a known scam strategy in which a scammer signs a victim up for tons of mailing lists, thus the victim might miss an email from their bank or PayPal telling them about a large withdrawal. That, and all the spam email addresses take up resources when sending out newsletters. I probably have 2,000 spam email addresses in my mailing list and I can’t do anything about it!


Current Status


Last updated: June 29, 2019


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree! I’m using Follow Ups for my mailing list sign up and in the space of a few days since it’s been active I’ve got a lot of spam emails signing up. Very interested in getting something like a recaptcha that would prevent this.

  2. Jeff Johnson says:

    Crickets as usual on these issues… adding this is so easy, just a couple of fields for the key and a quick check in the php code for a match. Sigh…