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The only payment solution fully integrated to Woo. Accept credit/debit cards and local payment options with no setup or monthly fees.

Add support and payment methods for Somalia


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Last updated: December 7, 2020


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  1. engduluf says:

    hello i hope you`re doing well
    i`m willing one day available woo payment in Somalia
    i`m a user from somalia there are a lot of banks those accespt credit / debit like ” International Bank of Somalia (IBS) , IBS BANK , primer bank , amal bank , etc .
    so please make possible it
    user from somalia

  2. amc7777 says:

    Somalia is an emerging economy with a lot of export and import trades happening. I think it would be very beneficial for both parties to have a woocommerce payment gateway available in Somalia!

  3. Yahye Ahmed says:

    Hello WooCommerce team,

    I am a WooCommerce user from Somalia, and I would like to request that you add support for WooCommerce Payments in my country. WooCommerce Payments is a great feature that allows me to manage my payments, refunds, and deposits directly from my WooCommerce dashboard. It also offers competitive fees, fast payouts, and fraud protection. I think WooCommerce Payments would be very beneficial for me and other WooCommerce users in Somalia, as it would simplify our payment process and reduce our costs.

    However, WooCommerce Payments is currently not available in Somalia, and I have to use other payment gateways that are less convenient and more expensive. I am wondering if you have any plans to expand WooCommerce Payments to Somalia in the near future, and if so, when can we expect it to happen? I would really appreciate it if you could consider adding Somalia to the list of supported countries for WooCommerce Payments, as it would make a huge difference for me and my business.

    Thank you for your attention and your great work on WooCommerce. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Sincerely, A WooCommerce user from Somalia