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The only payment solution fully integrated to Woo. Accept credit/debit cards and local payment options with no setup or monthly fees.

Add support for Malaysian merchants to WooCommerce Payments


Current Status


Last updated: May 17, 2020


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  1. robertyklow says:

    The request is already 4 years old. WooCommerce payment is still not available for Malaysia.
    Support team, do advice the alternative, given the system need verification of business registration and connection to the local banks.
    I believe all the one commented before me already switch to other systems to kick off their businesses.

  2. Mohd Asyrafi Abd Halim says:

    woocommerce is big in malaysia. pls enable for us

  3. Danielle Murrihy says:

    As a website builder – this needs to be done

  4. Heather Arent says:

    yea. lets simplified all payment using erected in module. Pls for Malaysia because utmost of enterpreneurs using Woocommerce as the Ecommerce Platform. Agreed. vote for it. and hopefully. price charge for credit card is priceable

  5. Marvin Luke says:

    I am amazed at how simply and effectively you explain things. Thanks for this one. I have been struggling with it for years.
    Please support my website :

  6. Robert Scherzer says:

    I appreciated looking at your article. Very wonderful reveal. I would like to twit this on my followers. Many thanks!

  7. Tan Yu Xuan says:

    Voted. A more greater way for this kind of integration is to include e-wallet service (not sure about APIs or DuitNow QR stuffs, or need phone number). Other plugins also existed for this case in Malaysia and I hope that they can integrate it into WooCommerce Payments. Most Malaysians prefers FPX (bank payments, example MAE / CIMB Clicks) and credit / debit – for lower amounts (

  8. Benth Janes says:

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  9. Ch Aw Yong says:

    For beginner, we hope start up is free at first, plan fee can apply as soon as sales take off.

  10. Jocelin Ng says:

    2021 make it available to Malaysia merchants šŸ˜­

  11. Zaini says:

    Make it available in Malaysia ASAP woocommerce in great demands here.

  12. Empire Sauna says:

    We Malaysian need it!

  13. Oscar Del Rio says:

    Very helpful. Makes things much faster. Thank you.

  14. Hazman Aziz says:

    Agreed, bro.

  15. Talhah Yahya says:


  16. Ubaidullah J says:

    Pls for Malaysia because most of enterpreneurs using Woocommerce as the Ecommerce Platform

  17. Imie Ismail says:

    yea. lets simplified all payment using built in module.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Agreed.. vote for it.. and hopefully.. price charge for credit card is priceable

  19. zamrin says:

    Yes, It is a MUST to enable this feature for Malaysia.

  20. zaidi says:

    please be available in malaysia

  21. Anonymous says:

    Malaysia too!

  22. Kamarul Bahareen Bin Kamarudin says:

    highly recommend it

  23. Jamil Bongsu says:

    bring it on

  24. rizduan says:

    Agreed.. please be available in malaysia

  25. Anonymous says:

    please be available in malaysia