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Add support for Zambian merchants to WooCommerce Payments

Since there is a tone of Payment Gateways made mostly for US and European countries. Wouldn’t it be a good idea expanding Woocomerce Payments country support to new and emerging markets like Zambia or African countries to be specific. Woocomerce is a great platform but, payment processing has been a big hindrance.


Current Status


Last updated: March 16, 2020


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  1. Bernard Chaziya says:

    Wow! From 2020! I guess we have to stick to local payment gateways such as Flutterwave and forgot about the international ones, clearly they have zero interest in the small volumes from small economies.

  2. Eddie says:

    I too concur with this thought to enable African merchants for woocommerce payment processing for outreach and even enabling mobile money payments full enhance the solution, which other international players are yet to do.

  3. Zinn says:

    The adding of Zambia to most payment gateways I would describe as an agenda with ambiguity that seems not to have urgency. How long will this discussion be on the tables of those renowned decision-makers and sought after experts for it to reach a resolution?

    The whole idea of other countries like Zambia to be added soon is like a project of decades of how to explore planet Mars!

    Someone needs to put aside this coming soon relax mode and expedite this with some proper scheduling so we know the duration it will take for implementation and not a loose ambiguous soon!