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Allow either purge or match & update for tax tables

When updating tax tables I have to go one page at a time to delete the old tables. If I just upload my new tax tables then my tax rates for existing zip codes are just duplicated rather than overwriting the record if the zip code matches.

When deleting tax tables I have to stop no more than every 5th page and save changes or everything is lost and the tables revert back to their original unedited state. This morning I deleted 53 pages of tax tables only to have them stay there when I saved my changes because the way WC makes these bulk updates your browser can’t keep up.

It is bad enough to go one page at a time deleting records but then to have to take the extra step to save because otherwise it discards your changes is a new level of frustration to deal with. It essentially makes something that should be a really easy process time consuming and cumbersome. Where it took me less than 10 minutes to update and normalize my csv offline it takes 50 minutes to delete the old tables and upload.

PLEASE put some efficiency into maintaining tax tables for those of us that are stuck doing it manually. It shouldn’t be harder to upload the table than it is to maintain it offline.


Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2022


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