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Composite Products

Developed by SomewhereWarm
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Composite Products

Developed by SomewhereWarm

Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce version 3.0 or higher
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A powerful kit-building solution for WooCommerce

Looking to create product kits made up of several, configurable components, such as custom computers, skateboards, gift-boxes, or made-to-order jewelry? Look no further!

Composite Products works great in a wide range of kitting applications, thanks to its powerful pricing and shipping features, flexible layout options, and support for conditional logic.


Simple, yet Powerful


With support for simple and variable products, downloadable products and product bundles, Composite Products is designed for kitting applications with advanced pricing, shipping, inventory management, and scalability requirements.


With multiple layout and styling options to choose from, a responsive component options view and product sorting/filtering functionality, every Composite product can be quickly adapted to the task at hand.

Built to Scale


Use its streamlined admin interface to create complex product kits and start selling in minutes! Advanced configuration options are meticulously documented, and a collection of snippets and plugins for common customizations is provided for free.


Devs love it, too! The extension includes: (i) a documented arsenal of action/filter hooks, (ii) REST API support for creating Composite products and adding Composites to orders, and (iii) integrations with many popular WooCommerce extensions.

Compatible and Extensible


Is Composite Products right for you?

Composite Products is suitable for creating advanced product kits that consist of several components with multiple product options. If you want to create simple product packages with static content, Product Bundles might be a better option.

WooCommerce provides even more ways to sell products in kits, such as Grouped Products, Chained Products and Force Sells. Can’t figure out which extension is right for your store? We’ve written a handy comparison to help you decide.

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