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Affiliate For WooCommerce

Run your own successful affiliate program. Track referrals, sales and commissions; make payouts, create commission plans and marketing campaigns…all from one place. Includes self-care dashboard for affiliates. The easiest way to increase your brand value, get customers and grow revenue.

Allow modifying affiliate url

Currently affiliate url’s are like this
I want to change ref=1 to something like ref=john to beautify


Current Status


Last updated: January 30, 2020


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  1. StoreApps says:
    Product Developer October 4, 2023 6:07 am

    You can change an affiliate’s identifier (example from 1 to john), here’s how:

    You can also change “ref” i.e. Tracking param name to anything else like “affiliate”, “bud”, “friend” etc. Here’s how:

    We recommend you give this a try and contact us to share your feedback.

    You can raise a new feature request(s) for other suggestions like removing “ref” from the affiliate referral URL.

  2. jenlyssy says:

    Best option is to allow modifying the “ref” portion to another identifier. We use “bud” with our current software. Allow customizing of the identifier.

  3. David Franklin says:

    also can we remove the ?ref= as this is not wanted in an affiliate URL so my best effort was but it needs to be

  4. jarvis_lemon says:

    Yes, i think = sign should be removed. i can use this on my fishing website:

    in this way links would be alot neater

  5. Al Kwarismi Arya Wirawan says:

    I think you can use pretty links plugin to modify your affiliate link.
    This what I used at my website