[Mobile App Users] Order Management GTM Banner Q3 2022

Allow modifying affiliate url

Currently affiliate url’s are like this https://www.xyz.com/?ref=1
I want to change ref=1 to something like ref=john to beautify

Current Status


Last updated: January 30, 2020


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  1. Al Kwarismi Arya Wirawan says:

    I think you can use pretty links plugin to modify your affiliate link.
    This what I used at my website https://idblogging.com/

  2. David Franklin says:

    also can we remove the ?ref= as this is not wanted in an affiliate URL so my best effort was https://nutrients.co.uk/?ref=healthyhorse but it needs to be https://nutrients.co.uk/healthyhorse

  3. jarvis_lemon says:

    Yes, i think = sign should be removed. i can use this on my fishing website: https://thewadingkit.com/best-fly-reels-for-saltwater/

    in this way links would be alot neater


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