Allow modifying affiliate url

Currently affiliate url’s are like this
I want to change ref=1 to something like ref=john to beautify


Current Status


Last updated: January 30, 2020


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  1. jenlyssy

    Best option is to allow modifying the “ref” portion to another identifier. We use “bud” with our current software. Allow customizing of the identifier.

  2. David Franklin

    also can we remove the ?ref= as this is not wanted in an affiliate URL so my best effort was but it needs to be

  3. jarvis_lemon

    Yes, i think = sign should be removed. i can use this on my fishing website:

    in this way links would be alot neater

  4. Al Kwarismi Arya Wirawan

    I think you can use pretty links plugin to modify your affiliate link.
    This what I used at my website