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Accepting payments is easy with Square. Clear rates, fast deposits (1-2 business days). Sell online and in person, and sync all payments, items and inventory.

Allow sync to bring across multiple categories with each product

Square uses two types of category on each product. “Reporting Category” allows only one category, but the more general “Categories” allows multiple categories.

Currently, when Square is the SOR and products are imported or updated, only the “Reporting Category” is brought across, meaning only one category is assigned to each product. This also means that if I have given a product in Woocommerce multiple categories (eg, brand, product type, etc), these are over-written by the single Square “Reporting Category” during the update.

Either use the multiple categories when syncing, allow the user to select which categories to sync across, or allow the user to turn on/off the overwriting of categories during the Square sync (either all products or single products).



Current Status


Last updated: December 26, 2023


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