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Allow Vendors Manage their own Resources inside Woocommerce Bookings

This idea probably requires a little give and take from both Product Vendors and WooCommerce Bookings. Essentially right now a Vendor cannot fully manage their resources because if they had access to resources they would be accessing every resource side wide. Ideally in a marketplace where the resource is usually a person it would be great for a Vendor Admin to manage their people/resources in a WordPress website. This means less interaction with the Vendor admin from the Marketplace admin and means that the Vendor has alot more control over their own setup of a bookable product. I believe woocommerce bookings may require a little work before this can happen but this is really holding things back currently in terms of scaling any marketplace beyond 20 vendors and their resources. The sooner this happens the better.


Current Status


Last updated: May 11, 2016


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I need this too and this is so essential…

  2. Hello World says:

    I was unsure if using Yith Bookings + Vendors, and decided to go for Woocommerce Extensions because of the Resources capabilities, but now I get Vendors don’t have the availability to define their own resources. So back to Yith I guess….

  3. fajrgroups says:

    it’s really important features, must needed. please provide.

  4. Andrew says:

    This would be an excellent feature to add. I manage a online marketplace for bookable products and allowing vendors to manage resources (unique to the vendor) would be extremely helpful to minimize “declined” bookings due to lack of inventory on the Vendor-side.

    would also allow for direct integration with Vendor-side inventory management (offline) in the future

  5. Joanna says:

    Hi I would agree that this is extremely important feature and one that can drive people who try to set up a marketplace to search for alternative providers and use woocomerce for MVP purposes only…

  6. Hugo says:

    Any update on this? Very much needed.

  7. Gabriel VB says:

    I need this option too, i have to use complements instead of resources

  8. yudi says:

    for bookable product, it is very important for vendors to have its own resources. we are talking about marketplace in hotels, rentcars business etc. each vendors have different resources.

  9. Martin says:

    It is a very important function which is missing

  10. Robert says:

    Very hard needed. Also, with regards to the 2-way google sync, site admin / product vendors should be able to link 1 calendar per resource.”

    And with regards to user roles. A vendor admin should be able to add other vendor admins/managers by username/email (not auto-complete to avoid revealing/exposing other unrelated users)

    Help shop managers scale without unnecessary admin! 🙂

  11. Brenden says:

    Really need this feature too. In my mind what is required at the woocommerce bookings level is that the resource be able to be linked/assigned to a vendor when it is created/edited, then the vendor admin should be able to see/assign this resource to the products they create.

  12. Maria Aragon says:

    This is the exact function I am also missing.