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Order on WhatsApp for WooCommerce

Allow customers to Place orders on WhatsApp by adding the “Order on WhatsApp” button on different pages of your eCommerce store and increase conversions!

An obvious feature omission?!?!? Shop Catalogue feed Integration…..


I’m currently reviewing the business value of WhatApp Business App to engage with customers. In doing so I’m evaluating WooCommerce integration between the platforms……

Whilst I see value for an SMB to offer a potential (mobile) client an easy interface to hand-off from website navigation and interaction to the WhatApp platform as a convenient means of engagement, it seems very obvious to me that a significant component in the UX is missing from a client perspective…..

IF a customer prefers to use WhatsApp to engage, what is the value of redirecting the client back to the website to make a purchase, or worse, then offer the client a WhatsApp checkout option??

A very obvious omission of the UX to me is the ability to publish the website/shop product catalogue (feed – of categories, or of individual products) directly into the WhatsApp chat. If the client had the ability to browser products within the App and complete a purchase from within the app, only requiring a redirection to the payment processor, then this would become a powerful tool.

As is, the current workflow of Website 1st engagement>>>WhatsApp Chat via QR code scan>>>redirect to Website Browsing and Purchase>>>redirect to WhatsApp for Order completion/report, seems a hardly worthwhile UX improvement, if any.

The 1st engagement step makes sense, by giving the client the option to communicate via their choice of platform (WhatsApp vs Email, Web Forms, etc). The Ping-Pong UX afterwards however doesn’t make sense, therefore the WhatsApp button Integration at website level is missing the bullseye in my opinion.



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Last updated: December 18, 2022


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