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API for Dynamic Pricing

Does somebody create an API for the plugin Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing ? 🙂


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Last updated: September 15, 2017

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  1. W.H. Kaper says:

    ‘We need to connect our WooCommerce shop to Microsofts Business Central. In that connection the adjusted “dynamic” prices should play a role:
    – when downloading orders from woocommerce to business central, the adjusted prices should be visible on the orders
    – when asking the WooCommerce API (or a dynamic pricing endpoint) for the prices that apply to a specific customer, the adjusted prices should be visible, if the adjustments are user(role)-based.
    – quantity based pricing rules should be made available in the API
    – A read only API would be good enough, it would allow us to create price policies in WooCommerce and download the (updated) prices to Business Central.

    Integration with accounting systems is (in our case) a necessity and it won’t happen without an API. So I support the question: who is building an API for dynamic pricing?

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