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add a rule for booking status

My scenario: Trigger is on booking status changed to paid, action is send a reminder email -7 days before.

The issue is that if the booking is cancelled before then, the reminder email still goes out.

I’ve written a custom rule to let you check if the booking status is ‘cancelled’ and released it here:

I’ve added ( to the label of mine as I expect this is an oversight and you will probably add this in at some point. Feel free to use the code in my repo.



Current Status


Last updated: July 13, 2023


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  1. Miguel Pérez says:

    Matthew Harris: Yes, that’s correct. I wrote "before being added to the queue" but it is "before being processed by the queue". However, the Rule you shared is also another valid solution for the same problem.

  2. Matthew Harris says:

    Miguel Pérez: Validating it before being added to the queue doesn’t seem like it would solve my problem, unless i’m misunderstanding the terminology. The issue is that later on when the queue is being processed, and the scheduled email is sent out, the booking has been cancelled in the meantime (either by the customer, or by the admin changing them to a different booking).

  3. Miguel Pérez says:

    Hey there, nice rule, thanks for sharing it, we will take this into consideration.

    There is a related issue to your problem already in our systems.

    We plan to add a checkbox to validate the Booking status before being processed by the Queue (as we do for the Order Status Change Trigger)