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Add BCC and CC Fields to Email Action

It’d be great if there was CC and BCC fields available for the Email action… pehaps this could be accomplished in the existing To: field with a –bcc flag similar to the –notracking flag


Current Status


Last updated: March 10, 2020


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  1. Maria says:

    One review invite integration works by bcc-ing a shop-specific email address (a la in transactional emails. I would use this in transactional workflows to trigger Trustpilot review invites, for instance for specific products. So bcc-ing can’t be a global thing, rather, it needs to be workflow-specific.

    Thanks for collecting feature requests"!

  2. CPSECP says:

    We need to be able to BCC emails sent to customers to a specific mailbox. We dont want to expose this mailbox to the outside world. Please add this feature. It should be a routine thing to do so.

  3. Farsheed Shastri says:

    I used to use Follow Up before and this functionality is vital to my business.
    I need to prove these customer emails were sent and what date and time they were sent at.
    Please update automate woo to have this. It’s very important.

  4. Sam Joseph says:

    yeah, this was what we had before with the "Follow Up" email plugin before and it gave us a much better sense of what was happening, whether all the triggered emails were operating as expected. We were told to move to AutomateWoo and the "Follow Up" plugin couldn’t distinguish between free trials – so now we’re got that with AutomateWoo (we think) but no real time transparency about what emails go out – please please please add the CC/BCC functionality in

  5. Geraint Michael says:

    BCC would be very useful, or perhaps a hook/filter to add headers to emails. Initiating Trustpilot’s review request emails using their ‘Automated Feedback Service’ relies on BCC (unless you have a $$$ enterprise account with them there is no API). I’m currently hooking into wp_mail and strpos matching the subject of all emails to try and BCC confirmation emails to them, not ideal.

  6. Giulio says:

    Yeah, it would be really nice feature. We switched to AutomateWoo from WooCommerce Follow Ups and we’re happy with, but we’d like to have more control on what we send and this kind of feature would helps.