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Add store credit as action to AutomateWoo

Please make an option to be able to give a customer x amount of store credit after x number of subscription product renewals as part of an automation workflow.
We know that there is an option to give a coupon as part of a workflow for subscription product renewals, however, we would like to have the option to give a store credit amount.
AutomateWoo already has the ability to give store credit to advocates when they make a referral with the AutomateWoo refer-a-friend plugin, so I hope it would be easy to figure out a way to be able to make giving store credit an ‘action’ in the AutomateWoo workflow interface.
Many thanks 🙂


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Last updated: February 9, 2021


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  1. Dan Bitzer says:

    That makes sense. Unfortunately we aren’t working on any new features for Refer A Friend at the moment.
    I still think using Points & Rewards is the way to go. It has lot of useful features that you’d want in a points system. E.g. points log, being able to view and edit store credit amounts. I think ideally P&R would add a feature that enables automatic use on subscriptions.
    You could write some custom code that hooks into the automatewoo/referrals/available_credit filter and modifies user store credit amounts.

  2. Mike Kellner says:

    Dan Bitzer: Thanks Dan for your suggestion, however, we had already tried that approach and we had two issues. The first was that using the ‘points’ was not fully automated for renewals – the customer had to manually choose to use the points at checkout for a transaction, and it could be confusing seeing another payment line item of points at checkout.
    Where as we already use store credit successfully to reward our customers for using the AutomateWoo Refer a Friend extension, and this works beautifully well, as the store credit will come off renewals automatically – which is the whole idea for subscriptions, that the customer should not need to log in to make a manual action when they need to renew.
    So we feel having a continuation of store credit, that would further reward out customers who have been with us x number of renewals would be ideal for these reasons:

    1. No need for an additional plugin
    2. No additional payment line item when they have existing store credit from referring friends – it will just top-up the store credit hey may have accrued
    3. It would be totally seamless for the customer – the store credit is automatically applied to the next payment – and like with Refer a friend store credit, if they have too much store credit then, it will roll over to the renewal after that until it is all used up.
  3. Dan Bitzer says:

    Mike Kellner: Hi Mike, have you considered using the Points & Rewards integration for this?
    Refer A Friend’s store credit feature isn’t designed for this use case so I don’t know if we’d build this. I’d recommend using the Points & Rewards plugin instead.

  4. Mike Kellner says:

    Dan Bitzer Hi Dan, I hope you’re well. Is this idea something that could be possible if there is enough interest for it?