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Add webhook trigger

A workflow could be triggered from a webhook


Current Status


Last updated: July 3, 2018


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  1. Vlad Tudorie says:

    This is a super important feature, especially now in 2021

  2. Adityo Ariwibowo says:

    And an action could trigger GET/POST webhook!

  3. Glyn Lewis says:

    A total MUST HAVE

  4. Adam Wojciechowski says:

    Would love that too!

  5. Christopher Michael says:

    Accomplishing this would also indirectly make automatewoo integrate with Zapier (i think) because zapier can catch a webhook..

    This would bring enterprise level customer engagement and marketing, to my store 🙂

    I wonder if anyone has written a Custom Function that could post to a Zapier catch url?

  6. Thiago Franklin says:

    For me it only lacks this functionality to be perfect!

    Content-type: JSON, XML or TEXT
    Authentication Type: BASIC or BEARER TOKEN
    Custom Headers:

    END GO!

  7. Christopher Michael says:

    The more I use automatewoo I’m astounded how its not touted as one of the most powerful, useful, advanced plugins for woocommerce.

    Starting to look in to custom stuff and, i would love to see this too..

  8. Joseph Cole says:

    This could be so powerful. I would love for this idea to get some traction for a future release!