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Additional Variable Request – List of Orders based on Status

I’m making a follow-up variable feature request that I think would pair awesomely with the launch of subscription rules & variables with order triggers in version 4.8.
It would be awesome in a future version of AutomateWoo to have a variable that lists all order numbers for a customer with a specific status (possibly with a link to either view or pay). Something like {{order.number_list | status: ‘pending-payment’}}. That way we could show a list of late orders.

Hi Name,
This is an automated reminder that the following invoices are past due:

  • List of Orders (maybe prices and dates) {{order.number_list | status: ‘pending-payment’}}
  • Maybe an Order Total for all the above invoices {{order.number_list_total | status: ‘pending-payment’}}

Possibly something like this for display formating (date | order # | order total):
Nov. 08, 2019: #WP-123454 – $350
Dec. 08, 2019: #WP-123455 – $350
Jan. 08, 2020: #WP-123456 – $350

Total Pending Payments – $1050



Current Status


Last updated: January 9, 2020

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  1. Dan Bitzer says:

    Thanks for posting this Amber!