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Export workflow logs function

It would be helpful to export a list of email addresses that have been sent a specific email and has been viewed/not viewed


Current Status


Last updated: March 30, 2019


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  1. Jason Conroy says:

    April: Thanks for taking the time to vote and comment and for expressing your concern. I appreciate how frustrating it can be when products we use don’t work exactly how we expect or need them to.
    > I can only assume that AutomateWoo purchased and re-branded this plugin and doesn’t actually have developers on staff to make necessary enhancements.
    AutomateWoo hasn’t gone through any rebranding and we have a dedicated team for the product (including the original developer/founder). I can recommend checking out our blog for more on the history of AutomateWoo. I’m happy to chat with you more on this via skype/zoom/chat – we’d prefer to keep the ideas board as place for talking specifically about product ideas.
    Thanks again for posting we very much appreciate customers telling us what features they want.

  2. April says:

    I am quite surprised that this simple, and necessary function is not already available. The ability to target customers who have not opened an email triggered by a win-back or cart abandonment workflow, because the emails have landed in their spam folder, should be a basic function of the plugin.

  3. Travis Desjardins says:

    This would be a great feature as it would allow us to export the users who haven’t opened an email related to their subscription and target them offline.