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Multi-Choice, “Send From” Twilio Send From Phone Numbers

I would like to be able and set more than 2 twilio Send From number, and then choose which one to use within a workflow config.


Christopher Michael

Current Status


Last updated: April 29, 2019


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  1. Christopher Michael says:

    Dan Bitzer: Hope your team will consider without it getting votes lol.. I need to separate Order Receipts, from Marketing messages. Thanks!

  2. Christopher Michael says:

    I wish automatewoo didn’t count just on Votes to justify a feature.
    Automatewoo is transactional, and marketing.
    So, the ability to choose a "From" number, during the config of a workflow, is pretty logical.
    Order receipts come from Phone Number X
    Marketing, followup messages come from Phone Number Y
    I don’t want to send marketing related, or followup messages, from my Customer Service phone number šŸ˜‰
    Automatewoo, out of all your active customers, how many regularly visit your ideas board? Wonder if its really a good way to vet things.

  3. Dan Bitzer says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Christopher Michael