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New Rule: Customer – Has Workflow X Previously Run

When the workflow is triggered, this rule would check whether or not a specific workflow has ever run in the past.


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Last updated: March 27, 2019


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  1. Christopher Michael says:

    If you look at marketing focused services you will see a rule such as this one being requested.
    Checking if another message was sent to that customer already, or not, is a very powerful tool for marketing.
    Having a way to categorize workflows too, and checking of that particular category ran for the customer/order… would further this concept.

  2. Dan Bitzer says:

    Marcy Capron Vermillion: Thanks for the feedback and for voting!

  3. Marcy Capron Vermillion says:

    Just leaving another comment in support of this! It’s a basic logic option in all similar products — but we prefer Automatewoo!

  4. Marcy Capron Vermillion says:

    Seconded; much-inferior Follow Up Email plugin allowed me to exclude other emails/flows, and that would be very helpful here for decision tree-esque logic.

  5. Zack Bishop says:

    The idea is you could set up two workflows, X and Y, that have completely different triggers (that have access to customer details).

    For instance, Workflow X could be a workflow that awards 10 points to a customer for bought a for a Product A.

    Workflow Y, on the other hand, could have the trigger Order Refunded. It could have this rule to check to see if Workflow X has ever run for this customer. If it has, it would deduct 10 points for the refunded Product A.

    This would prevent points being deducted from customers who may have purchased Product A _before_ Workflow X was created.