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New trigger: Customer enables/disabled subscription auto-renewal


Current Status


Last updated: February 25, 2019


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  1. josh hinden says:

    Maciej Swoboda: cheers, will take a look! thanks

  2. Maciej Swoboda says:

    josh hinden: No, because I wasn’t really happy with the code and eventually I haven’t enabled this option on our site.
    You can grab the code here, but I think it needs a tweak:

  3. josh hinden says:

    Maciej Swoboda: did you ever post this? if so, where thanks!

  4. Dan Bitzer says:

    Maciej Swoboda: Yes that’s not a problem. Thanks!

  5. Maciej Swoboda says:

    Hi Dan Bitzer,

    I was able to create a custom trigger for that. Is it OK if I link a Github gist with the code here for anyone who might be interested?