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New trigger – customer updated address details

I have found that customers will update their user account details thinking it will update their subscription order as well. But it doesn’t. Which is ok but can cause issues.

If a customer updates any or certain details then the admins can be emailed so that any changes to the reoccurring order can be made



Current Status


Last updated: August 12, 2018


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  1. Richard Guéron says:

    yes we want

  2. Dan Bitzer says:

    Levi K: Yep I agree it seems like a generally useful trigger to have.

  3. Levi K says:

    could be some of it might be a subscriptions plugin thing to do

  4. Levi K says:

    Dan Bitzer: that’s correct that shipping rate should change but that might be a problem with the per product shipping plugin
    but regardless would be nice for it to be logged bc its important when selling a subscription product to know exactly when the user changed the address and if there would also be a trigger for that in automate woo that would be helpful for both of these points 1. shipping prices (which is not a common issue i hope :)) 2. knowing when a customer changes address to be able to re- ship a package or update other shipping lists
    I can probably think of a few use cases if important

  5. Dan Bitzer says:

    Levi K: It sounds to me like this specific use case should be addressed in the Subscriptions plugin. Shipping rates should be recalculated when a the address for the subscription changes, right?

  6. Levi K says:

    Dan Bitzer: when a customer has a subscription (with a shipping method attached) and they go to their ACCOUNT page under the subscription tab there is a button "change address"
    (we do have a line of code that makes that button appear even if there is no shipping method attached to the subscription)
    but I do believe its there by default. correct me if i’m wrong

  7. Dan Bitzer says:

    Levi K:
    > Is this part of the planned New Trigger – Customer Role Changed would that work for subscription changes as well?
    No, this sounds like a separate issue to me.
    Do you have some custom code or a plugin that automatically updates subscription shipping addresses when a customer updates there saved address? I didn’t know customers could change a subscriptions shipping address by default.

  8. Levi K says:

    Brent Shepherd: What is important is to have a address changed (or payment method change) logged (and with automate woo) get an email…. is this part of the plan.
    Here is a use case:
    We use a plugin called per product shipping (it works with woocommerce subscriptions but not designed for it)
    someone can make a USA subscription where shipping would be free and then change their address to INTL and they would not get charged for the shipping but if we get an email (and if its logged) that we can be aware and reach out to the customer/subscriber
    this is just one use case but I have had many cases where it would be useful for the store mngr to be able to be notified about payment and shipping address changes that way they can be reviewed…
    Dan Bitzer: Is this part of the planned New Trigger – Customer Role Changed would that work for subscription changes as well?

  9. Andreas Ravn Brix says:

    I also need this feature.

  10. Mora says:

    This is desperately needed!

  11. Vertical Motion says:

    This would also be nice for the Campaign Monitor integration.

  12. Steve Holland says:

    Definitely needs this feature. Customers updated their email address via our website but this was not updated in MailChimp.

  13. Zack Bishop says:

    I think this would be a useful trigger in general. For instance, if a user updates their email address, we could update it in MailChimp.

  14. Brent Shepherd says:

    Hey folks,

    Subscriptions does display a checkbox to allow customers to choose to update the addresses or payment methods on their subscriptions when updating those via the Account pages.

    Some docs on how this looks and works for:

    With that in mind, I’d be a little hesitant to automatically change a subscription’s details. It’s very possible the customer didn’t miss that checkbox and instead, wants the details to be different (because they’re using a business credit card/address or similar).

  15. Levi K says:

    Dan Bitzer: would be very useful to have a trigger when a customer adds a payment method (example a customer puts in a new cc thinking it changed it on their subscription but really they only added the cc in their account)
    this would enable the store mngr to get an email that way they can manually check (example: in stripe) (for example they can contact the customer and then add the card id for the subscription)

  16. Jihad Hassan says:

    Dan Bitzer: I need this trigger! RN our subscribers aren’t technically customers until they’ve completed the sign-up process. There’s no option to trigger an email once their status changes from "Subscriber" to "Customer," which is desperately needed by our company 🙂

  17. Dan Bitzer says:

    Another case would be when a user’s role changes, e.g. user changes from ‘subscriber’ to ‘customer’. However, it’s important to keep in mind that WordPress allows users to have multiple roles.

  18. Levi K says:

    Cant agree more

  19. Dan Bitzer says:

    Wes Humpage: Ok sounds like it could be useful, thanks for the suggestion!

  20. Wes Humpage says:

    Dan Bitzer: No I have not. In our case when the customer changes their address. We might need to change their delivery day on their order so it would need a bit of manual modification anyway. I thought having a notification would be a good solution because we could check to ensure that their regular order has no issues going forward

  21. Dan Bitzer says:

    Wes Humpage did you ask the subscriptions team about whether this is possible directly from the subscriptions plugin?

  22. Wes Humpage says:

    Sorry I just saw this, it could be expanded a bit to include other customer details