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Subscription Failed Payment Retry Integration

WooCommerce Subscriptions provides a system to retry failed automatic payments:

This system includes customisable Rules to define what should happen at each stage of the retry process, like sending emails. However, it requires custom code to modify these emails.

It would be awesome to be able to use AutomateWoo’s email (and other actions) based on retry events.

The most notable events are:

  • when a retry rule is applied; and
  • when a payment is retried.

There are hooks for each of these events that could be used for new Triggers, including:

  • 'woocommerce_subscriptions_before_payment_retry'
  • 'woocommerce_subscriptions_after_payment_retry'
  • 'woocommerce_subscriptions_before_apply_retry_rule'
  • 'woocommerce_subscriptions_after_apply_retry_rule'

To be most effective, there would probably also need to be some new Rules available to check on the number of retries, so different emails (and other actions) can be run at different stages throughout the retry process.


Current Status


Last updated: November 27, 2018


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  1. Joey Ricketts says:

    Just wanted to note here that this could be done with a different setup, assuming the default retry rules are being used:

  2. Steve West says:

    Dan Bitzer: But that only fires once. Ideally we need a trigger for each time WC runs the WC Subscription Retry Rules on subscriptions (ie 12 hrs, 24 hrs, etc) so AutomateWoo can fire an email/SMS reminding customer to pay/update cc.

  3. Wes Humpage says:

    Dan Bitzer: Right you are, I have missed this addition, thanks for that. I will put it to good use

  4. Dan Bitzer says:

    Wes Humpage: We do already have a trigger for when a subscription payment fails. You can use that to send follow-up emails/SMSs encouraging a customer to complete the renewal payment.

  5. Wes Humpage says:

    Dan Bitzer: This would be a great integration for chasing money

  6. Dan Bitzer says:

    Hey Wes Humpage, no work has been done on this.

  7. Wes Humpage says:

    Hey Dan Bitzer how are we going with this one? I could put this to good use right about now hehe

  8. Scott Saajz says:

    Monique Clark: Thanks – i understand – great site design btw

  9. Monique Clark says:

    Scott Saajz: however you won’t be able to trigger any of the custom emails without being an active customer.

  10. Scott Saajz says:

    Monique Clark: cool – would you be open to sharing your store url? thanks Scott

  11. Monique Clark says:

    Scott Saajz: Exactly! I designed fully custom HTML templates and find there is a little more flex (or at least ease of use) in displaying customer specific data. I have not run into any issues as yet.

  12. Scott Saajz says:

    Monique Clark: cool 🙂 is that to give you more control etc? Have you run into any issues… ? I’m just considering it myself now I have read this here. thanks for replying.

  13. Monique Clark says:

    Scott Saajz: Yes – there’s a few exceptions. Admin emails are still native, as is Password Reset – but everything else is AW.

  14. Scott Saajz says:

    Monique Clark: just out of interest are you saying you send all other emails (new user / new order etc) from automatewoo and not native woo?

  15. Kevin Brown says:

    me too

  16. Tomáš Pokorný says:

    Also need to send different e-mails when it is f.e. 2nd time of failed renewal payment

  17. Monique Clark says:

    I am really keen for this as well! All my Woo emails go via AutomateWoo now except for these ones.