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Subscription Gifting integration


Current Status


Last updated: June 26, 2018


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  1. Nico Sturzenegger says:

    Leighton Adem: did you have a workaround for that? Your initial request is from 2018 and there is still no option to do that ­čÖü

  2. Nico Sturzenegger says:

    Dan Bitzer this is really needed. Can you please update us on that?

  3. Nico Sturzenegger says:

    Dan Bitzer Any feedback on that? ­čÖé

  4. Nico Sturzenegger says:

    Dan Bitzer Did you see a option for this? ­čÖé

  5. Nico Sturzenegger says:

    Dan Bitzer Is there a way to trigger a email based on the fact that the subscriptions is a gift? I do not see that action ­čÖü This would be useful to send out a gift card PDF file in order that the buyer is able to handout a nice card. Any plans to add this?

  6. Brent Shepherd says:

    Jack Kelly: hi Jack, the best way to do that is have the subscritpion product setup to be 12 months, then your father can resubscribe to it after that and add his own payment methods etc.

    AutomateWoo & Gifting integration would still be useful for that, because you could use it to email the recipient (your father) to encourage he resubscribe after the gifts expiration.

  7. Jack Kelly says:

    Let’s say I purchase a t-shirt subscription gift for my father but I only want it to last for 12 months but my father is happy with it and wants to carry on the subscription, it would be great to switch / transfer this WooCommerce subscription to my father’s account, so he can keep the subscription going and start paying for it

  8. Leighton Adem says:

    Be great to be able to notify both billing contact and gift recipient of impending renewals as often gift recipients are the ones to renew a subs after receiving it as a gift for the first time. Thanks Dan