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Subscription renewal reminder for on-hold

Send mails to all subscriptions that are on-hold a few days before they would renew if they would be active, asking whether the costumer wants to reactivate his subscription to not miss anything.


Current Status


Last updated: June 27, 2019


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  1. Dan Bitzer says:

    George Young: Yes that feature may be added in the future, we have an idea here

  2. George Young says:

    Dan Bitzer: It appears that there isn’t an option to add a product to an order, only the subscription itself. Can you add an action for adding products to orders?

  3. Dan Bitzer says:

    George Young: Not exactly, I wasn’t suggesting removing the late status but it is possible you don’t need it. Regardless, I think the key feature you need in AutomateWoo is the ‘Add/remove order fees’ action.

  4. George Young says:

    Dan Bitzer: Thanks Dan. Essentially, you are saying I don’t need the late status. I can just use "on-hold." I’ll try this out.

  5. Dan Bitzer says:

    George Young: Thanks for the explanation!

    It sounds like you could automate the ‘late’ status change with an AW workflow. Please see the attached screenshot. This workflow works because the subscription should have the status ‘on-hold’ if it’s waiting payment.

  6. George Young says:

    Dan Bitzer: Absolutely. Here is a screenshot of the trigger I am using. It looks for a custom order status change to "late" and triggers adding an item to that specific order/s (a product called "Late Fee"). It works OK but I have to select every late order manually and change its status in bulk. Because our customer base is growing so fast it would be best if that happened automatically based on if the payment wasn’t made on the last payment date (…OR perhaps the "oh-hold" status?). I don’t know if I even need a "late" status, or if "on-hold" will do. I guess it depends on the default Woo/Subs behavior and if the "on-hold" status is used for anything other than orders that have not been paid on time. I have Woo Order Status Control but it only changes orders to "completed" from what I gather. One thing to note is I have both automatic and manual renewals. Thanks for taking a look at this again Dan. Much appreciated!

  7. Dan Bitzer says:

    Hi George Young, could you let me know specifically which trigger or action in Automate.IO you need in AutomateWoo?

  8. George Young says:

    Dan Bitzer: Yes, I have been back and forth a few times with support. They have been very helpful with a few questions I’ve had, but it appears that the existing triggers/actions are inadequate for my needs. I’ve had to look for outside help to take care of this problem. I found a service called Automate.IO that is kind of like Zapier that will look for orders that are marked late and add a product ("late fee") to them. I do have to manually change those order statuses though, which is not ideal. It also costs $19/month just for that one trigger, which is all I need from them. I’d much prefer a more elegant solution in AutomateWoo. If I have to go to an outside developer I’m hoping they aren’t going to charge too much for this. I wish I could just pay you guys to add a feature but I know it doesn’t work that way.

  9. Dan Bitzer says:

    George Young there are a few different features you’re talking about here. I’d recommend reaching out to our support team if you haven’t already –

    Regarding the first question about following up on-hold subscriptions; one possible solution is to use the ‘Subscription Status Changed’ trigger with the ‘To’ status set to ‘On-hold’. Then set a delay on the workflow.

  10. George Young says:

    Dan Bitzer: This appears to be a limitation that would hinder a lot of follow-up power. It seems like there would be a great need to create workflows for on-hold subscriptions. The problem is knowing why they are on hold to begin with. Did their payment fail? Did they just not log in and make a manual payment? Was it manually put on hold for another reason? I wonder if creating custom order statuses would help differentiate what workflow needs to be run. For example, if I want to add a late fee to a subscription that wasn’t paid on time I could do that but A) it would not add it to the currently late order. It would add it to the next order, right? B) I would need to set a workflow to recognize when the subscription has moved from the on-hold to active, but there are multiple reason why it might be made active. If I had a status of "late" that was automatically set then I could have a workflow specifically for adding late fees, but I would also have to create a custom rule in WooCommerce to move active subscriptions that are not paid on time to that status instead of on-hold. I’m not sure if that is possible with Order Status Manager or AutomateWoo. Then there’s the trick of setting the order status from "late" to "completed" and the subscription to "active" again once the payment has been received. Sounds complicated. I wish there was a button I could press to activate late fees on unpaid subscription orders and set whether I wanted a fixed fee or percentage on either the whole order or each line item (or maybe even specific products only).

    EDIT: According to the documentation custom statuses are only able to be manually changed ( but I wonder if AutomateWoo can change the status.

    I just checked and it doesn’t look like AutomateWoo can mix changing statuses of orders and subscriptions in one workflow.

  11. Dan Bitzer says:

    George Young: A prerequisite of the ‘Subscription Before Renewal’ trigger is that the subscription is currently ‘active.’ This is because only ‘active’ subscriptions are renewed by the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. So using the ‘Subscription – Status’ rule in that example will make the workflow never run.

  12. George Young says:

    Brent Shepherd: You can add a rule for the subscription status can’t you?

  13. Brent Shepherd says:

    George Young: AutomateWoo has a Subscription Before Renewal trigger; however, this only runs for subscriptions that are Active at the time the workflow runs. If a subscription is on-hold, it will not be included in the subscriptions handled by that workflow.

  14. George Young says:

    Isn’t this already in there?