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BOGO – only adds one free item

Currently the Smart Coupon has the ability to create a BOGO – Buy One Get One – if i setup the coupon to Buy Product A and get one 100% off, it works, i add Product A to the cart and the plugin automatically adds the free item, however, if i increase the qty of Product A in the cart, it does not increase the qty of the free item, it is the same if i increase the qty of Product A on the product page and add to cart, it only adds one free item


Current Status


Last updated: February 16, 2022


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  1. slipperx says:

    Basically the funtionality to add one free for x bought is dysfunctional and pretty useless. When setting up a buy 3 get one free offer I imagined that if someone bought 6 then they would get two free. How the developers thought the current setup where it works only if you pick the exact number set up goodness only knows!

    It’s a huge fail on this point and I see the thread has been around for over a year with no solution which also indicates ambivalence to the issue on the part of the developers.

  2. OMiDESIGN says:

    BUY ONE (1) GET ONE (1) FOR 50% OFF

    We managed to get this working for one (1) product only, however it is necessary for the logic to continue for more products added to the cart, which it currently doesn’t…

    1. If I add three (3) products – the 50% discount off the second product is not showing – error message, Your cart does not meet the product quantity requirement.
    – Logic here is 2 x products will be 100% cost and 1 x product will be 50% OFF

    2. If I add for example 4 products – the 50% discount off the second product is not showing – error message Your cart does not meet the product quantity requirement and so on… so every second product, continuous to get a 50% off discount

    This is essential user interface to such promotions

  3. bretmegan says:

    Yes, this is extremely important when offering a Buy One Get One promotion. If it only ever adds one free item regardless of how many items are added to the cart, it’s not a BOGO promotion, it’s just another “free item” promotion. It’s misleading to call this a BOGO feature the way it is currently.

  4. vickymarnaturals says:

    Ideally also if there was the ability to add free product with purchase of N products. Ie buy 4, get 1 free

  5. appalachianstandard0 says:

    YES 100. I was scratching my head for hours. Glad I found this thread at least I know it’s not just us.

  6. Dylan says:

    Yes! Super important for our business to be able to scale BOGO offers. It doesn’t make sense it limits it to only one per order. It renders this option useless since we subsidize shipping, so if they only purchase one and get one free it hurts our bottom line. This seems to be a simple feature and I assumed it was default with this plugin.