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Let customers subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

BUGFIX required: Add option to avoid restricting access to downloads when user Cancel a Subscription

When you offer digital downloads with Subscriptions plugin, some users may want to Cancel subscription before the due date. In fact, lots of people use to Cancel right after their last payment, so that they don’t have to remember a date to come back and Cancel before due date. Even so, if they have paid for a monthly subscription and they cancel on day 1, they will claim that access to downloads should be available until the last day they have paid for.

I suppose the current behaviour is a bug, cause download area in my-account page is shown if subscription is_active. But download links should be available until the last day of the currently paid subscription, independently of it being cancelled or on-hold.

Is this a bug? Or may you add a config option to allow downloads until the last day of subscription even if it is cancelled or on-hold but within paid billing cycle?



Current Status


Last updated: September 21, 2015


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