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Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace

Cart to group by vendor with shipping sub totals for each

a) if someone purchases many products from a few different vendors, is the cart able to display the products grouped per vendor rather than just listed in the order they were added to the cart?

b) can the shipping costs be also grouped as per vendor sub totals in the shopping cart so the buyer can clearly see what kind of shipping charge is incurred by each vendor?

I want to avoid a situation where one vendor might have rip off style shipping charges on the “per product shipping” but the buyer has 20 products in the cart, but cant tell which vendor is the culprit for the high shipping total. Aside from that, knowing the ‘per vendor’ shipping helps the user to modify their cart in an informed way, should they choose to cancel various products but not others.
The multi vendor site already does this if you want to see an example. I wish I could use your product for a multi vendor solution as your support is probably the most long term and reliable given that you do woocommerce itself, but unfortunately not having this functionality in the cart was a deal breaker. if however you confirm you will add it in future I will proceed with your product and inform my client these changes will be possible in future.


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Last updated: July 20, 2020

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