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Charge the same amount everywhere and absorb the differences in taxes

Currently, when selecting “Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax” you mean that the price you enter is the product price + tax of where your store is located. So if you enter a price of 100€ and your store is located in italy, it means that your product costs 81.97€ + 18.02€ of tax (22%) = 100€ . If someone from France buys the product, it will be charged 81.97€ + 16.39€ of tax (20%) = 98.36€.
However, since I’m selling in europe, where sales tax are all very similar, I would like to charge the same amount everywhere and absorb the differences in taxes.
So that I can charge 99.99€ everywhere instead of dealing with 98.75, 102.45 and other very unattractive numbers.
This would also simplify how to show prices in the shop without knowing where the shopper is based. Just show the same price everyone.

Is is easily fixable with this PHP line: add_filter( ‘woocommerce_adjust_non_base_location_prices’, ‘__return_false’ );

but including it in the core would make it available for everyone, coders and non-coders.




Current Status


Last updated: February 13, 2023


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