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Checking if a custom field is NULL before setting it as a value

Hey, if you currently try to for e.g. set multiple “individual fields”(Image.1 – srXVCJ.jpg) or regular attributes as the value / data source of the target attribute (img.3 – CjLgMJ.jpg) the newest or latest one overwrites the older upper-one even if it has already a value set. This is causing the problem, that if I set “attribute.1” as the first value and some products don’t have a value assigned with this “attribute.1” some products will hold the value “NULL”. Now if I try to assign another regular attribute or “individual field” as the second value of the old “target attribute”, the new value will overwrite all the already set values, with its own values even if they are “NULL”. But the value before that was the correct one which wasn’t a “NULL” value.

Sorry if this is a bad explanation.

For a better understanding please read this support ticket: “” (the better explanation beginns at a lower point)

Thank you for your Support.




Current Status


Last updated: December 17, 2023


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