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Checkout Field Editor

by  Woo
Optimize your checkout process by adding, removing or editing fields to suit your needs.

Checkout process needs a tweak

It has been quite a few months that I am using Hotjar to follow up with all the challenges that my customers face when they shop on my website. I have noticed that there is some confusion on the checkout process whith the Apply Gift Card button. It needs an Apply Coupon button too. At this point the Apply Coupon field is on the top left side of the page right before the Billing Details fields. But I have noticed that many of my customers are trying to enter my discount Coupon Codes in the field where it says Apply Gift Card. I think this needs to be a very very clear step in to checking out and paying for goods. It is also possible that customers can not really see the Coupon field as they might be in a hurry to fill up the fields and do a quick checkout or they have saved their details on their computer or phones -and with a quick tap they fill up the fields- and they are not paying any attention to the top of the page.
I am noticing that these customers do abandon their shopping when they see that the coupon I am advertising is not valid and that has also a bad impact on the Shop’s public opinion.


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Last updated: November 26, 2020


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