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Click to View Sub-Categories on the product category page in wp-admin

OVERVIEW: “hide” child categories on wp-admin product category page beneath parent categories until told to display child categories directly beneath the parent category.

Currently on the “catalog” page url:

Admins are shown all categories regardless of parent-child relationship.

For site-owners and devs running sites with tons of categories it becomes very inefficient to scroll through all the categories to find the one category that needs updating.

IMPROVEMENT REQUEST: Is it possible to “hide” child categories beneath the parent categories. Such that only the parent categories are displayed. The parent categories would have a “tab” such as “display children” when clicked the children categories would be displayed. It should not bring the user to another page to view the child categories, but simply display the child categories beneath the parent category.



Current Status


Last updated: November 30, 2023


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