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Consolidated Excel Sheet Download for Woo Account

We have been able to download a comprehensive Excel sheet from our Stripe account, which streamlined our data management. However, with our Woo account, the data is split between two separate Excel sheets.

Current Situation:

The Stripe Excel sheet, provides all the necessary data in one file.
In contrast, the Woo account requires us to download two separate sheets. Notably, the payouts information, which used to be in one sheet, is now in another.
Requested Feature:

Implement a feature that allows users to merge and download data from the Woo account into a single, consolidated Excel sheet.
Ensure that the merged sheet retains all the necessary data, especially the payouts information.

Streamlined data management for users.
Reduced risk of data discrepancies or oversight due to multiple files.

Additional Information:
Please let us know if you require any further details or clarifications regarding this request.

Your attention to this feature enhancement would greatly benefit our operations. Thank you for considering this request.



Current Status


Last updated: October 24, 2023


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