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Product Vendors

by  Woo
Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace

Customize the vendor page

Will be great if we can design the product vendor page, and to have shortcode for the vendor name, for the vendor logo and to filter products by vendor, that will give a much higher value to your plug in


Current Status


Last updated: July 26, 2020


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  1. vex3blog says:

    I feel like I have a screen addiction, therefore I’m attempting to read more. I didn’t mind having a little game like that on hand. Supposedly, anything that stimulates your brain can be beneficial. Some folks physically stare at a television from the time they leave work until they go to bed. It is better than that.

  2. greenunderstood says:

    But I think this is difficult to do

  3. Darren Cowley says:

    Pointless making any feature requests, you’ve already paid your money and this product has had no useful updates in it’s lifetime, best to look elsewhere….

  4. lachlanjmcewen says:

    any updates on this? It’s been ‘open’ for 2 and a half years!