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Point of Sale for WooCommerce

An advanced toolkit for placing in-store orders through a WooCommerce based Point of Sale (POS) interface.

Display only prices with VAT

Display line item prices including VAT.
Right now, it displays the price without VAT and displays the original price as the price with VAT.

POS tax settings:
1. Tax Calculation: `Enabled (using WooCommerce configurations)`
2. Calculate Tax Based On: `Default WooCommerce`

Woocommerce tax settings:

Automated taxes: `Disable automated taxes`
Prices entered with tax: `Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax`
Calculate tax based on: `Shop base address`
Display prices in the shop: `Including tax`
Display prices during cart and checkout: `Including tax`

So just like in woocommerce when `Prices entered with tax` is a yes, it displays cart line items with tax.
Why POS is not doing that, when we are taking the woocommerce tax settings.




Current Status


Last updated: January 18, 2024


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  1. creoideas says:

    I have the same problem, any solution?

  2. vattujan says:

    * when you place order or in receipt