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Drip restricted content based on synchronized Subscription renewal period.

‘When using the Subscriptions “renewal sync” feature, this would allow us to setup “drip” rules for restricted content based on the synchronized membership renewal schedule. For example, you could configure a page or post to only become accessible to a member 5 days after the first synced renewal date for their membership plan. You could schedule posts or pages to become sequentially available on the same day everyone in a membership plan gets charged.

Currently the only available Content Restriction accessibility (drip) rules are:
– immediately
– specify a time (number of days, weeks, months, or years)
– after free trial

Since the Memberships extension has done such an amazing job at integrating with the Subscriptions extension, it would be really great if an additional Content Restriction (drip) rule was made available for Membership Plans that were tied to Subscription Products with renewal synchronization enabled, allowing Membership Plans to grant access to products and/or content based on the synchronized renewal dates.

For example, a fourth Content/Product Restriction accessibility option would be:

– number of days/weeks/months/years after synchronized renewal date.

This would be an especially important feature for any Membership Plan that attempts to synchronize the dripping of restricted content with the billing cycle (i.e. a new page/post or product on the 1st of every month, the same day that members are billed for their subscription).

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Last updated: July 14, 2015


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