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Dynamic Membership Lookup Filter

When viewing the Members Tab of Memberships, I fully expected to see dynamic links at the top next to “All (###) | Active (###) | Paused (##)” representing each Membership Plan I had created. It would function much like the Group plugin performs on the “Users” interface in that if a group exists, there is a built-in filter link created for that group listing the number of users belonging to that group. In the same way, I expected to see the Membership Plans I had created along with the number of people with Active memberships for that Plan and by clicking the link, it would return a list of the users with just that particular Membership.

NOTE: I do realized I am able to apply filters to the entire lookup, but we regularly track our performance based on the numbers of active memberships (tied to Subscriptions) so this would be a convenience factor more than anything. Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?


Ron Schott


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Last updated: March 17, 2016


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