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Dynamic Pricing

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Dynamic pricing rules to apply to subscription signup fees

I would like to be able to apply pricing rules to the product as a whole, as I don’t see the two costs as independent. I know that in subscriptions get_price() returns the recurring fee and the signup fee is a separate meta field, but if dynamic pricing detects that the product is a subscription, it should be able to apply the calculation to both values.

For the time being we are detecting whether the cart items are subscriptions and applying a signup fee coupon automatically to make up the difference, but this presents several problems, most notably a bad user experience in the cart & checkout, and exposure to a coupon that serves a limited purpose and should not be applied elsewhere.


Current Status


Last updated: April 28, 2017

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  1. Jennifer Medford says:

    My company is trying to sell a subscription membership where any additional members added will only be $20 extra with a $20 sign-up fee. However, as previously mentioned, I cannot change the sign-up fee with Dynamic Pricing only the subscription price. I would definitely agree with Jason that this could create problems with the user experience.