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Dynamic pricing to include Discounts by Attribute

I have a store that requires to add a “Collection” attribute, for example: “Star Wars, Dr Who, World of Warcraft, etc…”.

I also use categories for the types of products for example: “Mugs, Plush Toys, Glasses, tees, hoodies”

Most of the times I would like to discount a certain collection or brand that includes many products of many categories or even a certain size of shirt or hoodie that is not selling as fast as I wish, This is impossible for me at the moment because there is no option to discount by attributes in Dynamic Pricing.

In short, add an option to discount items by attribute, that way if we want to discount all the “XL shirts” or “Star Wars items” or “Blue Shirts” we will be able to do so easy peasy.

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Current Status


Last updated: April 10, 2014


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  2. anonymous says:

    Can’t believe they still haven’t added this…