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WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export

Export customers, orders, and coupons from WooCommerce manually or on an automated schedule.

Exclude line items from export

We would like to have a “never export these line items” option, on the automated order export. While it is configured to not include orders if they have only certain items, that only works if the whole order has excluded items.
If an order contains any items that are part of the export, the excluded items are sent as well.

We have products from a Print on demand service, which has a plugin that communicates those order items to the service directly. We have our core products that are fulfilled by our warehouse, and the daily order export email sends them the orders. We don’t have the print on demand items in the export.

Order 56789 is not exported because it only has
PoD T-shirt
PoD Mug

Order 12345 is exported with all three lines because it has one item from the warehouse
Warehouse product
PoD T-shirt
PoD Mug

We would like only one line from order 12345 to be sent to the warehouse, to avoid confusion when they don’t have the other items in stock.



Current Status


Last updated: January 19, 2024


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