Export/Import Swatches (type, styles, size etc.)

I think every webshop owners using swatches.
And i think every webshop owners selling many variable products, with different colors and sizes.
That would be nice, if we could manage swatches from .csv file (export/import).
Ex. swatch style, swatch type, swatch size…etc.
Is any knows a plugin for this problem?
It takes long time to set swatches attributes each by each, specialy if you have 15000 products.

Current Status


Last updated: April 15, 2020

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  1. José Pérez says:

    I would be interested too, incluide to connect to woocommerce api and import, about image, is interesting to can Bulk import of all my image attribute. For example: The attribute name slug, it will search image with the same name on media path.


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