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Variations as Single Products for WooCommerce

Display variations on separate, searchable, individual product pages and improve your customers' experience.

Extend support beyond SHOP & CATEGORY pages

This is a very limiting extension.

As with almost all extensions purchased for WooCommerce in the past it is practically useless. Will be giving it back. šŸ™

At the moment my shop page is set to be editable through a code snippet in functions.php. After installation of this plugin that custom editability of the shop page is gone.

The extension also limits to shop and category pages only.

I list products on various pages besides the two and this extensions does not work that way.

Honestly speaking this is a perfect example why all extensions should be included with a base variant of WooCommerce. When separated – results in poor build quality and limited use thus very little information on tweaks and changes can be found.

Also themes usually do not support these plugins. I ended up purchasing about 5 different extensions with functions desperately needed and had to give them all back because they either don’t work with a theme or simply limiting. I could have spent $150-400 more on the plugins buy they are simply useless in my case.

In the end a very needed function is missing and there is absolutely no way to get it.

Please increase the price of WooCommerce and include all plugins in it for the community be more familiar with it and for theme builders to include their functions.

Will be asking for a refund again šŸ™



Current Status


Last updated: February 13, 2023


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