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Sensei LMS Certificates

Award your students with a certificate of completion and a sense of accomplishment after finishing a course.

Filter for customizable fields on certificate

Hi, we love the plugin and use it on some clients’ sites. One feature we have used on a client’s site is the ability to add custom fields on a certifcate through the use of a ‘filter’. The only way we’ve been able to get this to work unfortunately is to edit the core plugin code on the sites so it would be great if the feature is something you would consider adding to the plugin.

We have added a line of code to line 925 of classes/class-woothemese-sensei-certificates.php and line 512 of classes/class-woothemes-sensei-certificate-templates.php see screenshots below (the lines are slightly different):

We then change the $$meta_key in call_user_func_array to $value.

Once that’s set, we can use filters to add whatever custom template fields we want. Example:




Matt Miller

Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2023


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