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WooCommerce Bookings

by  Woo
Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.

Filter the output of wc_bookings_get_end_times()

There’s no filtering anywhere when getting end times for a booking, all the way from the get_end_time_html() function that handles the AJAX call, to the wc_bookings_get_end_time_html() call that wraps the end times in HTML, to wc_bookings_get_end_times(), or any of its internals.

I’m working on a system to allow multiple, fixed, booking durations, (for example, 3 or 6 hours), and I would like to filter end times to only have 3 or 6 hour durations, but there are other possible applications too – for example, changing the text for some end times to add “6 Hour Discount!” or something similar.

I see a general lack of filters in WooCommerce Bookings, especially around start & end times and would like to see many more. This is the one that struck me today.


Current Status


Last updated: March 24, 2019


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