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WooCommerce Subscriptions

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Let customers subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Finetune WooCommerce Subscription user interface for /checkout/ and /cart/ page


I have a subscription website. The /checkout/ page shows the price 5 times:

xx subscription package x1 $50/month
Subtotal $50
Total $50
Recurring Total, Subtotal $50
Total $50

This looks really scary to the user. All they pay is $50 in this transaction. But the page make them wonder whether they are going to pay $100 or $250.

The WooCommerce checkout and cart page previously was designed for physical product. Subscription is mostly for virtual product. I would like WooCommerce Subscription give us more options to disable those display in cart, checkout page to suit our needs.


Current Status


Last updated: October 30, 2016


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