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Free Trial coupon and duration

We would like to request adding a field(s) to the coupon export files/spreadsheets to enable us to add the free trial duration to coupons that we plan on bulk generating. Or if you have another way to resolve this issue, please let us know.

Description of the problem:

The Free Trial Coupon for Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin that we installed isn’t working for bulk coupon creation. When I create the bulk coupons as I normally do, the information I put in for the subscription trial duration does not save in the coupons. Some of the workarounds I’ve tried:

changing the coupon amount to 100 (to give 100% off for the trial)

It doesn’t seem to matter what amount you put here if using the “Subscription Trial” coupon type, it doesn’t change how the coupon works or the total discount applied. It always shows a $0 discount on the checkout page for these (see attached)

updating the free trial duration on each coupon individually after they have been generated (this works, but will be too time consuming if there are a lot of coupons)

exporting the bulk coupons to add the free trial duration, with the plan to re-import/update the coupons

This should work in theory, but I didn’t see a field that this would correspond to in the download/import spreadsheet provided by WooCommerce

Can this field/feature be added to the coupon export file/fields?

The coupons still show the “Coupon Type” as “Subscription Trial”, but the actual trial duration does not save in the coupons, so they don’t actually work when tested/applied to the cart. I’ve attached some screenshots to show you how I set up the coupons when doing the bulk creation, and then what they show after I save them/generate them to add to our site.

Can this be resolved with an update to the Smart Coupons extension? Unfortunately the Free Trial Coupon for Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin ( does not seem to be actively supporting or responding to such requests, so we are hoping this can be resolved by adding a “trial duration” or similar field(s) to the bulk coupon export file so the coupons can be updated using this method.





Current Status


Last updated: October 26, 2023


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