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Shipment Tracking

by  Woo
Add shipment tracking information to your orders.

Generate Shipment Tracking Email(s) for each Tracking Number Created, Not Just the First

Generate per-tracking-number emails to buyers, or send additional tracking # email if an additional shipping label/tracking number is created:

Let’s say whoever is managing shipping creates a shipping label with the wrong shipping class. They then would have to cancel/void that initial label, and create a new label (with the proper shipping class), which of course creates a new tracking #

However, the customer only receives the first / original tracking # via email, and does not automatically receive the second / new tracking via email. If admin(s) does not manually update this, the buyer will not receive the new tracking # at all

Now let’s say shipping managers are only working in shipping software (e.g. shipstation; not the backend of woocommerce that much). In the instances of ‘they quickly created the wrong shipping label class, voided, and created a new label’ does not always come across the admins’ desks – and they only find out (on occasions) when customers call in and ask, “why is my shipping label cancelled?” The original label was, but they just never received the new/updated #

What would be ideal, is if we had a woocommerce > settings > emails | “New tracking number” trigger

e.g. whenever woocommerce receives a new tracking number and ties it to an order via shipment tracking, have the website auto-generate a new ‘updated tracking number email’

This is only taking place for a nominal amount of orders, but with growth, the manual work certainly can add up.


Current Status


Last updated: February 3, 2022


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