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Offer prepaid digital gift cards that customers can redeem online.

Gift Card Sending on Order Status

Please refer to reference #5792245.

An order is placed containing a physical item as well as a gift card and the customer selects direct bank deposit.
Woocommerce puts order status as “On Hold”.
When the transfer has been confirmed, we put the order status into “Processing” status.
Gift card is not yet sent because woocommerce cannot tell Gift Crads plugin that money has been received.
GIft card will only be sent once physical item has been delivered and order status is set to “Complete”.

Therefore, the customer does not receive their gift card immediately, but ratehr has to wait a few days until their physical item is delivered.

In this scenario of Direct Bank Transfer payment option + Physical product, we would like for the gift card to be sent when the order status is set to “Processing”.



Current Status


Last updated: February 13, 2023


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