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Store Credit for WooCommerce

Provide Store Credit coupons that are redeemable at checkout. Send credit to your customers to use it in future purchases or allow them to gift credit to someone.

Give more control than locking the credit to the purchaser account or requiring the gift to be sent immediately

From the docs:

“When someone purchases a Store Credit product, the generated coupon has its usage restricted to the person who made the purchase by his billing email. Optionally, the coupon can be sent to another person as a gift card.”

This is not a good set up.

If somebody is buying a gift for somebody then it’s usually for a surprise at a future date.

The options are either buying store credit for themselves, which doesn’t make sense, or sending the gift immediately, which doesn’t make sense.

It needs more options around this, like:

– an admin option to allow the store credit to be used by anyone with the code
– an option to send the store credit out manually in the My Account panel, so that it can be released to the intended gift recipient at a time after the gift has been “given”.



Current Status


Last updated: November 28, 2023


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