Include “Order refunded” in the hooks used by Zapier (for automation of emails among others)

Include one more trigger to the 6 that are currently available on orders (new.order, order.deleted, order. paid…) to be order.refunded.

This would be extremely useful, for example, to automate nice emails to customers when an order is refunded.


OM4 Software

Current Status


Last updated: April 14, 2023


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  1. OM4 Software Product Developer

    Hi there,

    We have added a new “Order status changed to Refunded” trigger rule which you can use for this.

    That new rule will trigger whenever any order has its status changed to “Refunded”.

    All the best,

    OM4 Software
    Creators of WooCommerce Zapier

  2. WPMakeovers

    Yes please!!! We need this badly for our business!

  3. Sebastian Wilk

    Yes please!!